Cloths and components for air slides for fluidized transport in silos, hoppers, stacks and transport motor vehicles. In the sixties, with the installations of the first lines using textile material for fluidized transport, Industria Tessile Bonometti started the production of special cloths for this application, Are produced with cotton fibers, polyester, Para-Aramid, Meta-Aramid.


The research and the experience obtained together with manufacturers and end users permitted the achievement of our complete  range used in: - Cement plants - Chemical and mining industries - Transport of flying ashes - Transport of alumina  cloths are available in rolls of 25 and 50 m with widths as from our table.


Upon request we can produce pieces to measure for use in fluidized air slides, silos, hoppers, stacks and exhaust valves of motor vehicles transporting cement and powder materials.


 The MULTIPLE structure of cloths with different weight and thickness allows: - Uniformity in the fluidity of the surface flow - High mechanical resistance to abrasion and tensile strength - Vast porosity range Our sales engineers are available to supply more detailed information; and a study on this issue is also available.


MINIMUM WIDTH 15 mm MAXIMUM WIDTH 525 mm MINIMUM THICKNESS 05 mm maximum layer thickness 12 mm


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