The endless belts THERMOBELT are created in needle felt high density without junction, using fibers resistant to temperatures from 150 ° C up to 600 ° C. are created to ensure to work on any type of plant, thanks to their very low elongation almost absent.

Available and created with support high tensile strength,  with ability to insert the central guide and wi produce any tipe of timing belts in any metric step.


  Our gloves THERMOGLOVES are created with 100% Para-Aramid fibers resistant up to 500 ° C ensuring the quality of production 100% made in Italy.

The Kevlar rollers sleeves THERMOROLLER in needle felt high density are supplied to customer specification using high quality fibers resistant to temperatures starting from 150 ° C, 250°C, 350°C until reaching 600 ° C with or without resin treatment, all our rollers sleeves are produced with virgin fiber of the highest quality and they are produced 100% Made in Italy. 

 The THERMOPAD are produced with needled felt high density with materials resistant to temperatures from 150 ° C up to 600 ° C with or without resin.

Seamles age oven spacers, synce they are seamless, the entire surf ace is homogenous, giving the maximum protection to the aluminium profiles and reducing the amount of waste material. The thin spacer profiles allows maximum saturation in the age oven (200/230°C). Resistant polyester shrinkable material allowing for substantial cost reduction in replacements. we have the capability to produce custom products to the size, material and technical specifications desired.

The THERMOSPACER are created as well as tissues also needled felt Meta-Aramid, resistant up to 240 ° C more on customer and always working with 100% Made in Italy.

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