Bags for galvanic anode baskets fitted with drawstring closure. They are made to customer specifications.


The types of filter cloth includes:

  • Filter cloth simple and riding
  • Filter cloth  double collar, special membrane plates
  • Filter cloth-edged, or reinforced rubber
  •  Filter cloth base drainage multifilament or monofilament
  • Filter cloth cuffed and rubber edge

Main sectors: 

  • Marble, granite and quarries
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Pigments
  • Oils and fats
  • Wine, beer
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Non-ferrous metals

Depending on the application areas, such as feed mills, flour mills, carpentry workshops, foundries etc ... fabrics are made using cotton yarn or polyester of different reasons and with different textile structure such as canvas, twill, satin etc., In order to request to provide the best each specific request.

The tubulars, present themselves as a fabric perfectly circular, of equal thickness on the whole circumference, and without critical points, having no seams or selvages, this results in an improvement both in the duration that in the bursting strength.

The tubular fabric is in the size required by the customer.


We have a wide range of filter fabrics to meet all needs in the various fields of application. Chemicals, powders woodworking, metallurgy, iron and steel, plastics, cement and marble industries, milling, food, pharmaceutical, paint.

Woven polypropylene fibers, polyester, polyester strap (Epitropico Fiber steel ATEX) polyamide, Aramid, PPS, Polyimide, PTFE, Wool, Nylon, Cotton.

Industria Tessile Bonometti srl manufactures filter sleeves in standard sizes or on request.


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